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Thorough Sewer Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI, and the Surrounding Areas

Few plumbing issues are as frustrating for Milwaukee County homeowners as a backed-up drain. Now imagine dealing with several backed-up drains all at the same time. That’s what happens when your sewer line becomes clogged. Fortunately, Knight Sewer and Drain is here to help with expert sewer cleaning in Milwaukee, WI, and nearby areas. Whether you need to clear a blocked drain or have noticed something unusual with your sewer lines, we have the equipment and experience to get your plumbing back into action.

Red Flags That Indicate the Need for Sewer Cleaning

Reach out to our team once you notice:

  • Slow drainage
  • Filthy odors
  • Water stains in the basement
  • Wet or greener areas in the yard
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Recurring clogs
  • Standing water
  • Fruit flies

It All Starts With An Inspection

It All Starts With An Inspection

Effective sewer cleaning starts with an accurate diagnosis of the problem. When you invite our drain cleaning company to your home, we’ll take the time to listen to your concerns, take note of sewer line damage issues you’ve been facing, answer your questions, and partner with you to formulate a customized solution for your specific needs.

Once we have created the plan, we can perform a thorough sewer camera inspection to identify the location and severity of the clog. Based on the inspection results, we’ll decide which sewer cleaning method is best to get your sewer lines working correctly. In most cases, snaking can resolve the problem. But if there’s a massive clog, hydro jetting may be required to clean your sewer lines thoroughly.

We offer sewer cleaning services in:

Plumber Replacing Kitchen Drain Pipe

Sewer Cleaning FAQs

Sewer Cleaning FAQs

Benefit from Our Sewer Cleaning Service

Benefit from Our Sewer Cleaning Service

Contact Knight Sewer and Drain today for thorough drain and sewer cleaning in Milwaukee, WI, and nearby areas. Call us or fill out the online form for an appointment.

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