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When your home’s drains or sewer system needs attention, the skilled team at Knight Sewer and Drain will help you resolve the problem quickly and effectively. Our locally owned and operated drain and sewer company in Shorewood, WI, has been in business since 2002. Over the years, we’ve established a reputation for offering fast, reliable drain and sewer services. Whether you need your drain and sewer lines repaired, replaced, or maintained, we got you covered.

Over time, food particles, grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris collect inside pipes, forming clogs. If left unaddressed for an extended period, these clogs will harden inside the lines, making them increasingly hard to remove. In such situations, we recommend hydro jetting in Milwaukee, WI, and other areas we serve. At Knight Sewer and Drain, we offer this service to local homeowners and help them keep their drain pipes clean and flowing efficiently.

A Wide Range of Services

Licensed, bonded, and insured, Knight Sewer and Drain is a sewer company that knows the importance of quality. We come equipped with the tools and resources required to assess and address the situation. You can count on us to provide professional, cost-effective:

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    Avoid costly drain repairs down the line by investing in routine drain cleaning. Removing debris that sticks to the inside of your drains will assure you that your entire plumbing system will operate problem-free for an extended period.

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    Say goodbye to stubborn or recurring clogs with professional hydro jetting services courtesy of Knight Sewer and Drain.

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    Don’t consider repairing your damaged sewer lines by yourself, even if it happens when you don’t expect it. Contact us, and we’ll offer the appropriate solution, including traditional digging or sewer replacement.

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    Let’s help you determine the condition of sewer lines and identify potential problems before they cause extensive damage with our high-tech sewer cameras. After we assess your sewer system, we’ll make the needed repairs to ensure your plumbing will work flawlessly for a long time.

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    We professionally clean sewer lines of all types and sizes using safe and refined methods. Also, we provide routine and preventative sewer cleanings to keep your sewer system working as intended.

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    If your sewer line needs repair, traditional digging isn’t the only option. We’re well-versed in trenchless sewer repair, a modern way of fixing drain or sewer pipes without destructive digging. Instead, we restore the pipe internally, leaving your landscape and other structures intact. Among the options we offer are trenchless sewer replacement and CIPP Blue Light curing.

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    If your cast iron pipes need descaling, contact us. We have the skills and equipment to remove scale build-up and return your pipes to their original diameter.

What Distinguishes Our Crew

What Distinguishes Our Crew

When in need of a local team, be sure to count on our team that offers:

Before Trenchless Pipe Restoration
After Trenchless Pipe Restoration

Get in Touch With Us Today

Get in Touch With Us Today

Contact Knight Sewer and Drain to request any of our drain and sewer services in Shorewood, WI. Call us or fill out the form for an appointment.

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